Servlets outside install_dir/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes

From: nisant (
Date: 03/07/04

Date: 7 Mar 2004 10:20:25 -0800


I'm using Apache Tomcat/4.1.29 under WinXP.

Is it possible to store and run servlets outside the default

I configured an application via TomCat Manager with the following

Context Path: myApp
WAR or Directory URL: file:C:/myApp

In C:/myApp I put a directory servlets containing myServlet.class.
In C:/myApp I also put index.html with:
<a href=servlets/myServlet>myServlet</a>

Entering http://localhost:8080/myApp I see index.html, then I click
myServlet and TomCat returns me this error message:

type: Status report
message: /myApp/servlets/myServlet
description The requested resource (/myApp/servlets/myServlet) is not

Can you help me?

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