Re: How do I use Comparators?

From: Tony Morris (
Date: 03/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 19:32:48 +1000

"SA" <> wrote in message
> I will fully admit that I am doing an assignment BUT I'm not asking
> how to do
> it. I am writing a red-black tree class. The course I'm taking is data
> structures and algorithms using Java. Without telling you my entire
> history,
> I will just say I am taking this course, learning Java as I go.
> Anyway, I'm okay with creating the class and understand how the
> methods work. What I don't understand is the parameter we're to use.
> IE. the add method is:
> public boolean add(Comparable data){}
> What the heck is a Comparable? The text I have doesn't really have an
> explination and the java docs on don't really help either in
> this case.
> How do you traverse a tree to insert a node with a Comparable?
> IE. using an integer - if (this.value > node.value) {add(value,
> node.right)}
> How do you do that with only the one parameter, the Comparable!?

Have a read - that should be enough to stimulate some thoughts in your own
mind about how you go about using it to implement a tree.

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