Re: square root symbol on button

From: Tom (
Date: 03/12/04

Date: 12 Mar 2004 05:43:07 -0800

David Heath <> wrote in message news:<Z8c4c.11968$i76.215409@attbi_s03>...
> I need to place the square root symbol on a button. The code for the
> symbol is 251, but I'm not sure how to place that on the button. Any
> help will be appreciated.
> Dave

If you are using a (javax.swing) JButton rather than (java.awt)
Button, then you could display a graphical image on the button. I
tried using the 2nd power character once and found that it didn't
display correctly on all platforms. Using the image would avoid that
problem, and (if you create the image file) give you more control over
how it looks.