A few questions on GPL & java

From: Konstantin Spirov (koseto_at_bigfoot.com)
Date: 03/18/04

Date: 18 Mar 2004 00:59:36 -0800


I need your advice on GPL.

I am working on a free GUI library software, which will be similar
to the help systems - with navigation tree, search indexes, additionally it
will allow reader notes, etc.

I am going to choose GPL (not LGPL). My questions are the following:

1) If my software is distributed under GPL, is it legal to embed the Jakarta
Lucene Search System, which is distributed under Apache license

Is it legal to distribute the Jakarta Lucene libraries (jar archives) with
my software so my installation wizard can install Licene too. If the answer
is "yes", how should I distribute them - the whole archive with the release
notes in separate folder, or only the jar libraries I need. Is there
something more I additionally must do?

2) About the developers of closed, non-open enterprise software:

Do they have a right to embed my software to other commercial project
without my permission (as a help system for example), without modifying my

2.1) By using of direct calls to the methods in my system by the same Java
Virtual Machine (they use my project as a library, but my project stays
2.2) As alternative, starting my system in separate java machine (they use
my project as external application)
2.3) Do they have a right to install my library / or my application within
their installation wizard.

If the answer of 2.3. is yes, is there something I can do to make sure, that
at least the whole project is distributed (with my copyright notices and the
internal documentation), not only the jar libraries they will need.

Thank you very much for you help, an best regards

Konstantin Spirov