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Date: 03/21/04

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Before posting read Jon Skeet's "How to get answers on the*
newsgroups" at

Java FAQs and advice:
- Java/Javascript/Powerbuilder HOWTO (Real Gagnon)
- Java Glossary (Roedy Green)
- Java Programmers' FAQ (Peter van der Linden)
- jGuru jFAQs (John Zukowski)
- Focus on Java (John Zukowski)
- Java Q&A (David Reilly) Set-up problems, catch-all first aid.
    According to its charter, this unmoderated group is for immediate help
    on any Java problem, especially when the source of the difficulty is
    hard to pin down in terms of topics treated on other groups.
        This is the appropriate group for end-users, programmers and
    administrators who are having difficulty installing a system capable of
    running Java applets or programs. It is also the right group for
    people trying to check their understanding of something in the
    language, or to troubleshoot something simple. Programming in the Java language.
    An unmoderated group for discussion of Java as a programming language.
    Specific example topics may include:
      o types, classes, interfaces, and other language concepts
      o the syntax and grammar of Java
      o threaded programming in Java - sychronisation, monitors, etc.
      o possible language extensions (as opposed to API extensions).
    The original charter said that discussion explicitly should not include
    API features that are not built into the Java language and gave examples
    like networking and the AWT. These days AWT belongs in clj.gui, and
    networking is often discussed in clj.programmer.

Do not post binary classfiles or long source listings on any of these
groups. Instead, the post should reference a WWW or FTP site (short source
snippets to demonstrate a particular point or problem are fine).

Don't post on topics that have their own groups, such as: The Java 3D API Arguments about X versus Y, for various Java X and Y JavaBeans and similar component frameworks Common Object Request Broker Architecture and Java Using databases from Java Java graphical user interface design and construction Java virtual machines, like JVM and KVM Using Java securely Tools for developing/maintaining Java programs
Don't cross-post between these groups and c.l.j.programmer or .help -- it just
wastes the time of people reading the general groups.

Don't post about JavaScript; it's a different language. See
comp.lang.javascript instead.

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