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From: Hal Rosser (
Date: 06/12/04

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    Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 20:45:33 -0400

    I saw something on the netscape site about javascript and java interacting
    I have not tried it - but made a mental note: - here's the link to the page

    from the page:
     This chapter describes using LiveConnect technology to let Java and
    JavaScript code communicate with each other. The chapter assumes you are
    familiar with Java programming.
    This chapter contains the following sections:

      b.. Working with Wrappers

      c.. JavaScript to Java Communication

      d.. Java to JavaScript Communication

      e.. Data Type Conversions

    "Pedro Ramos" <> wrote in message
    > Hi,
    > I've got an applet (MyApplet) in a page and I am calling a method,
    > from Javascript passing it all of my form elements in a String :
    > for (var i = 0; i < myform.elements.length; i++)
    > {
    > concString = concString + " " + form.elements[i].name+"="+
    > form.elements[i].value;
    > }
    > top.topwork.document.MyApplet.MACData(concString));
    > The loop takes a bit of time in Javascript since I have about 300
    > fields.
    > Is it possible to call the method with the form object, like
    > top.topwork.document.EEximbilsApplet.MACData(myform));
    > What type of parameter should the method have and how can I inside the
    > applet (Java) can I concatenate all of the elements in myform ?
    > TIA
    > Pedro

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