Eclipse 3.0.1 weirdness

From: Trapper (Trapper_at_my-deja.nospamcom)
Date: 01/06/05

Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 00:05:21 GMT

Hello all,
I recently migrated from Eclipse 3.0.M8 to 3.0.1
With the 3.0.1 version I am seeing some weirdness when editing/viewing
Java files, which I did not see with the milestone version.

Specifically, if I click on the method in the Outline view, then
in the accoompnaying everything except this method disappears from the
views, though luckily not from the file itself :-)

The same thing happens when I add getter/setter automatically. Only the
method I add is visible in the file viewport and the rest of the file
is not visible.

Any preference I can set to avoid this annoyance?