RFCOMM/L2CAP implementation

I am having a evaluation board which has a Philips BG201 chipset. it is
terminated to my PC over the RS232. I am trying to communicate to my Laptop
which has a TrueBlue bluetooth module built in.. it is the Dell Latitude D600
which comes with the Widecom driver.

I tried the javabluetooth.org, I was able to find my laptop and get the
connection url and I tried to send some data. I observed my serial port using
the Portmon software and I saw that my text string was sent over the serial
port. This was using the L2CAP. On my laptop I dont have any software running
so I couldnt see whats happening with the data (it would have received .. and
just transmitting I dont think the other end would have received it..) I
tried the Avetana bluetooth.jar.. just the evaluation version on my laptop
and it was not that useful to get a L2CAP running. I will try this part using
another evalution board in my Laptop.

Since I wasnt clear of this, I tried the RFCOMM using the
Minshara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I was able to get till the connection url and when I
wanted to open the StreamConnection by (JSR82Channel)Connector.open
(ConnectionURL), I am just hanging up. I have no clue of what is happening at
either end.

Does someone here have any experience over this.. did any one try an
implementation of RFCOMM /L2CAP on the PC ? I am talking of Windows 2000 only
(No linux or WInXp sp2).

Thanks in advance