Java Program help

Hi, I have to write the following program for class...and I have no idea
where to start
if anyone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction (or write
the program) i would be very appreciative

1. Write a class named Pupil that implements Comparable. It has four
instance variables of type String and double (Name, testl, test2, test3, and
average). The constructor must input the test scores from the user, and call
the computeAverage method to initialize the instance variable, average. In
addition, the class must have getters for each instance variable. It must
also have a private helper method called computeAverage that returns the
average of all three test scores. And a compareTo method that compares two
students. It must work like all compareTo methods such that it takes in an
Object parameter and returns 1 if the object that called it is greater
returns -1 if they are equal, it returns 0.
2. Create a TestPupil class (must put import Java.lang; at the top) that
prompts the user for the number of students in the class prompts the user to
enter the information about all students in the class and creates a student
object for each pupil. Stores the students in an arrayList and calls the
compareTo method which compares all the students to all the other students in
the class