Re: Need help with decoding URL

On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 09:27:04 +1100, Ray wrote:

> I have an encoded string which I need to decode to present to the user.
> The string is:
> S1 = "php%253Fcmp";

This is encoded twice. The "%" character has been (correctly) encoded as

> I want to display
> php?cmp
> to the user. I have tried creating a URI object from this class, then
> using getPath() from the object, but that gives me this output:
> php%3Fcmp
> I get the same output when I URLDecoder.decode to convert the string.
> How do I get the correct format? Thanks for any help.

You'd need to decode twice because of the above.

First run you'll get php%3Fcmp and 2nd run you'll get php?cmp


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