Re: IE Crashes

benoit.isaac@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Removing IE is not an option for me; IE is the standard in the company,
> and I don't think asking to change thousands of computers' browser is
> an option to solve my JRE 1.5 problem (since the program is not going
> to run on those thousands of computers)...
> Any other idea ? Did somebody get the same behaviour ?

Oh...I didn't realize that you are dealing with this issue at work.
Sorry 'bout that...

Hmmm, I don't remember having any difficulty with Java plug-ins in IE.
But then again, based on what the release notes stated:

"Internet Explorer will hang if an applet displays a UI component in
its stop() or destroy() method and a user triggers stop() or destroy()
by pressing the Back or Refresh button in the brower."

I may have just been lucky in that regard. Just out of curiosity, what
version of IE is your company using? Are the plug-ins that are giving
you difficulty developed in-house?

I, too, have no choice in browser at work. We are "stuck" with IE 6.0,
but I primarily use Mozilla Firefox at home. However, I still need to
use IE at home sometimes since any web sites developed in the .NET
framework may not operate correctly...


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