Re: applet travail

Hi Roedy
I still havent figured it out. However I admire your psychological insight.
Well said.

Roedy Green wrote:
Thanks. However everything is there. I print out the classpath before I
execute a method on the class and and the jar is there. I go into the jar
and the class is there in the full path that is the same that I imported and
still ncdfe. Could it be a slash vs backslash? I doubt it. Why if the jar
that I am compiling against is proveable on the classpath, it still cant find
the class at runtime?

The tiniest thing can throw it off, a single letter miscapitalised or
spelled incorrectly, a single segment of package name missing, a
single missing or extra : or :

You have slipped on one of those many points in the list. Perhaps get
someone else to look it over. You have stared at it too long and you
know too strongly what you intended so you can't see what you actually

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