Re: Getting the size of another program window?

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opalpa@xxxxxxxxx opalinski from opalpaweb <opalpa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've got C# code for the windows executable and Java code to bring
executable out of jar and to run it. Will sell it for 35 USD via

Does anyone actually think this is an appropriate use of newsgroups?

I'm tempted to assume not, and just dismiss this person as a ******
(insert favorite expletive), but then I'm not quite sure. I tend to be
biased more than normal against the damnable trend toward people
assuming that all public spaces exist for their free advertising.

I'm okay with it, but then again, I'm okay with a lot of things, so possibly I'm biased in the opposite direction. I've opalinski make helpful (advertisement-free) posts before, so it's not like (s)he is posting spam to newsgroups which (s)he doesn't even bother to read or contribute to.

The OP posted some problem, and I guess Opalinski had previously solved this problem and considered it to be non-trivial. Perhaps it was non-trivial enough that Opalinski felt it would take too much effort to actually fully explain the solution. So from there, Opalinski had two options: just keep quiet, or let the OP know that (s)he can buy a solution.

I argue that the latter, giving the OP the option to buy the solution, is "more helpful", than the former, not giving the OP that option at all.

- Oliver

P.S. as an aside, and this isn't a comment on the OP at all, but I find it amusing how often I see threads of the form:

A: URGENT!!! I need someone to solve this problem for me RIGHT AWAY! MISSION CRITICAL!!!
B: I'll do it for 5 bucks.
A: No, I'm willing to wait for someone to do it for me for free.