Re: JVM Install "succeeds" but Java doesn't work in browsers.

Peter R. Fletcher wrote:
On 17 Sep 2006 10:04:39 -0700, "Andrew Thompson"
Peter R. Fletcher wrote:
I am having major problems getting the latest version of Java to work
on my wife's system, It apparently installs fine, either direct from
the site or off-line The test applet ...

That is indeed the URL of the test applet that I am using.

Have you rebooted since installation of the new Java?
I doubt it will fix the problem - but it is worth a try.

...As noted in
the original message, I rebooted before and after java installation.

Sorry. Missed that detail.

I cannot see any mention of what exact version you are installing.
My IE is reporting '1.5.0_08'* at that applet, with
'Congratulations. The latest version is installe' (also cut off)

* As that the version you are referring to?

Andrew T.