Newbie question on identifiers for basic catch statements

Hello--I am new to Java and having trouble with the identifiers that
are expected in catch statments. My compiler is telling me that it
doesn't recognize the symbols that I give in catch statements, but I
can't find a site online that explains how the identiers work. I am
trying to do really basic stuff ex.
do stuff
Catch (Some Exception Identifier){
do other stuff

but again, I can't get the compiler to take all of the identifiers that
I give. I know the identifiers must come from the inherited class, but
that isn't helping me much.

The error that the compiler gives looks like this cannot find symbol
symbol : class InputMismatchException
location: class QuestionTwoShot
} catch (InputMismatchException e) {
1 error

Any help (or even better, explanation) would be much appreciated.