Re: Tree data structure in Java

"Allan M. Bruce" <allanmb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:OtidnUOUuY2eXZPYRVnyrQ@xxxxxxxxxxxx
I am hoping to use a tree data structure in my Java application. I need to be able to create a tree which I can add next nodes to certain paths and obtain a list of all possible paths in the tree. Is there an implementation of this built into Java? For example, I would like to create a structure similar to this:

/ \
M1 C3
/ | \ / \
D S E R Ts
4 6

Basically each node is labelled with a String, I dont want the data being sorted. And I want to iterate through all paths to get a list like:

A1, M1, D
A1, M1, S
A1, M1, E
A1, C3, R, 4
A1, C3, R, 6
A1, C3, TS

If there is an existing implementation, is there any docs on how to use it?

AFAIK, there's nothing in Sun's class library like this. It should not be very difficult to implement this yourself, though.

- Oliver