Re: Nested for loop

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jt wrote:
Alex Hunsley wrote:

I'd be curious to see what how you've done it... (but yeah, perhaps wait
until OP gets the answer themselves).
One question, how did you think to transform the *'s into numbers? That would never have crossed my mind.

Just a classic sort of problem simplification: output something that requires the same information (i.e. number of stars that would be output), but is simpler to do - helps you concentrate on the problem at hand...

If your email address is correct, I could send you a link where you can find a zip file of my source.

Feel free. You'll have to reply to the anti-spam confirm message you get sent though.
sent this morning... cool anti-spam thing... is that a feature of your ISP?

No, it's a free Bluebottle account - website based anti-spam email service. You can sign up yourself for nothing if you like it.