Re: Working with data that has multiple columns and rows

Jonie <kimfinale@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in news:1177519009.329540.310060

I tried to read a book and articles on the web about this issue, but
no luck so far.
I am wondering if somebody can help me figure out what the sort of the
standard way to treat the data with multiple columns and rows is.

For example, I have data (numbers and strings) in which I have 5
columns with descriptions on the top line and 1000 rows. I would like
to know how to first read into this data and treat each element of the
data in a vector format.

Create a class. In this class, add fields that contain the data for each of
the columns in the data. Use an array or java.util.List of objects of this
new class to represent multiple rows of data of this sort.


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