Re: Java Sound mp3 support?

Keith Thurman wrote:
Knute Johnson wrote:
Keith Thurman wrote:
Knute Johnson wrote:
1) On Windows, go download the javamp3-1_0.exe file and install it.

it won't play every MP3 formatted file.

What will?

I don't know. I'm pretty sure Windows Media Player will play most files

OK. Can we hear from someone who actually knows more about Java Sound, please? If I wanted to play the darn things in Windows Media Player, I'd play them in Windows Media Player, not show up here asking how to play them from Java code. :P

I know enough about JavaSound, probably as much as anybody here. If you want more knowledgeable folks, go to the JavaSound email list. Or just install the software, try it and tell us if it works.

Oh and before I forget, AudioSystem.getFileTypes() never reports MP3 even with the plugin installed. You could file a bug report but I doubt they would fix it.


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