Re: Top Ten Errors Java Programmers Make

On Dec 8, 9:14 am, Additya <addy....@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello friends , Here is a nice article which I have found while
surfing , it is about the ten common errors which may be made by any
Java Programmer while Programming. The article lists all those
mistakes and their solution.

10. Obviously the author is irritated by the keyword 'static'.
7. Obviously the author is irritated by object comparison. Even in C
it's a difference between the comparing two char* by == and strcmp.
5. The first problem some guys in my team have, too. I hate whenever I
have to check a log and see something like:
"Could not do xyz: null" and when I see the code it's just a bunch of
shit like this:
---- snip ----
try {
// lots of code...
} catch (Throwable t) {
LOGGER.error("Could not do xyz: " + t.getMessage());
---- /snip ----
I even found something like this once:
---- snip ----
try {
// lots of code...
} catch (Exception e) {}
---- /snip ----

Well, this happens when your boss invites programmers who barely
handle to implement whatever they had to and leave the project/company
afterwards. I guess it's time to search for such blocks again. Even
after doing this a couple of times I'm sure to find them again...

4. Wow...
2. First language, hu?

The author actually writes like java is really his first programming
language and/or he's quite a beginner. Sure we all do mistakes, but
more likely (experienced) programmers do design/architectural mistakes
and have to refactor often when it's time to implement new features.

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