Re: Is Java the right language for me?

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I have some experience with programming in languages such as C++,
Fortran, VBA, Matlab, etc. but i've never created a standalone
executable program. I would like to do this and have a modern looking
GUI. I've been teaching myself Java because that seems to be what
people are recommending for my needs, but i'm confused. How do Java
applications become .exe programs? It seems like most windows
applications are created using Visual Basic. Can someone advise me on
what language might be best to start learning to create standalone,
broadly compatible application (possibly web applications as well)?


Normally Java programs do not become exe programs, but they can if you
use a native compiler such as Jet.


Usually they become *.class files and bundled up into *.jar files.
From there you can execute them with

java.exe -jar xxxx.jar

or you can set up a Windows association so you just type


and they will be handed to java.exe for execution.

The nice thing about Java for learning GUIs is that it has no quirky
platform specific stuff. You learn what is common to all GUIs.

Your java app runs on Linux, Windows, Mac etc. without even

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