Sun SDK v1.3.1_09 '..javaw.exe ' command hangs on Win2000 MSSQL/SAP Install

From: SAP BASIS Consultant (
Date: 11/13/03

Date: 13 Nov 2003 13:05:03 -0800


As somebody much more knowledgeable about SAP than Java,
I have the following question..

In order to Install SQL Server 2000 SP#3 on Win2000 SP#4 with
the latest version of SAP R/3, I had (to As per SAP's instuctions)
downloand Sun's J2SE (SDK) for Windows v1.3.1_09. (Or the
latest v1.3.1). I got it from as SAP's
documentation indicated.

I run the executable and went with the default directory
path (C:\JDK1.3.1_09*).

I executed SAP's script to start its installation utility.
The script verified that the ports, userids, etc.. were fine.

However, the script hangs in the following command: "C:\jdk1.3.1_09\
bin\javaw.exe" -cp jar\instgui.jar;jar\inqmyxml.jar
=true -port 21212". (The *.jar files do exist
and should be found). JAVA_HOME is set properly and JAVA_HOME/bin
is in the path.

How would I find more detailed info. as to why this command
hangs. (It doesn't do much but doesn't fail). I did not find
any traces.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

SAP BASIS Consultant