Java Open Source Hub Newsletter - Vol 1, Issue 1

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Date: 11/20/03

Date: 20 Nov 2003 01:52:59 -0800

                    Java Open Source Hub Newsletter
                            20 Nov. 2003
                           Vol 1, Issue 1

SELESKOVICH.COM's resource for java open source developers.


This is the inaugural edition of java open source hub's newsletter. I
hope that it serves well all of the java open source developers. One
might wonder why start open source web site, when we already have sites
like or Well the answer is simple, freedom of
expression. I don't know what is sun trying to achieve with the
, and I know that sourceforge is there simply for sharing and hosting
open source community. I am trying to do something different.

I am trying to offer place where developers could share their opinions
about JAVA open source projects that worked for them. Sorting among
thousands of open source projects is simply tiresome, why waste time
come to and share your opinion with others.

Until next time,

Kenan Seleskovich

Focus of the month:

Smart Solutions for your Business

It is the fact that main priority of every enterprise no matter how big
or small is to cut costs. Their main focus besides generating as much
profit is to try to limit spending by what is humanly possible. Thus it
is not surprising that open source can play a major role in the quest
of "limited spending".
Table of contents:

* Sun, JBoss forge Java agreement
* Survey Questions Java App Reliability
* JBoss, Apache Software Sign First Open-Source J2EE Licenses
* IBM donates code to open-source project
* PostgreSQL 7.4 Released

Sun, JBoss forge Java agreement

Sun Microsystems in officially announcing approval of the Java 2
Enterprise Edition J2EE 1.4 specification on Tuesday also provided JBoss
Group, which has been at odds with Sun, with an opportunity to join the
J2EE-compatible community. The Apache Software Foundation also will seek
J2EE certification for its Apache Geronimo application server project.
Survey Questions Java App Reliability

Despite a strong commitment among enterprises that are developing
applications around Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, those
organizations are only averaging about 88 percent availability for
existing Java-based production applications, according to the results
of a new survey commissioned by Wily Technology Inc.
JBoss, Apache Software Sign First Open-Source J2EE Licenses

Version 1.4 of Java spec, SDK, reference implementation to be
available Nov. 24!
IBM donates code to open-source project

IBM has donated source code to an open-source project in an effort to
create more sophisticated development tools for building graphical
PostgreSQL 7.4 Released

Version 7.4 has been released after a long testing period, due to the
rather large number of new "enterprise" features we have.


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