Java Features (cont'd): web services + restrictions of JDBC = the downturn of Java?

From: Rick Osborn (
Date: 02/11/04

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    Date: 10 Feb 2004 17:35:22 -0800

    First. I must say, after almost 6 years, I too am growing somewhat
    disappointed with the way Sun is keeping up with the industry. I
    don't want to sound too critical but JDBC, the primary data access
    means, can only return one data type. (RS) With all of the datatypes
    available via DB stored procedures, this is sole ingredient we have to
    cook with. I, for one, would prefer we have another parameter tacked
    on to the end of Callable/Prepared and other Statements. That is, the
    datatype we'd like returned. Or the freedom to declare and pass in an
    empty instance of our own (Value Object). Is this too error-prone?

    Two. JAXP seems to be awesome with it's ability to plug in the
    different parsers as you please. Very Open Source. Very cool. But
    MS has the ability to code XML in "deep" and intrisically WITHIN their
    applications. They based the whole .NET paradigm on it. Where's our
    (and Sun's) response to that?

    Is Java finding a comfortable place in second?

    I also just looked at the glimpses for new v1.5. No amazing overhaul
    to blow the doors off MS's 18 month dedication to XML (.NET). No type
    checking for Arrays. Looked to this observer to be "bolt-on" add on's
    to squelch .NET's "delegate" exclusivity.

    Is this wrong, or are we investing in the wrong camp?

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