Re: rapid development web interface to a database

From: Eljon Greene (
Date: 05/10/04

Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 18:59:41 -0400

One of the most popular in the open source community for MySQL databases is
PHPMyAdmin (

Eljon Greene
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> I am looking for the easiest web interface to a database. By easiest,
> I mean most rapid development. Because the requirements are so simple
> and standard, I'm hoping that something can take care of the grunt
> work. Easy maintenance, possibly by non-programmers (or at least
> "junior" programmers) would also be nice.
> I'm open to Perl, PHP, Java in that order (best solution wins, equal
> solutions go with the preferred language). I'm also open to anything
> that doesn't require code to be written to get the job done, as long
> as there's some way to extend it if I get stuck.
> The design is simple and is an age-old story:
> I have a database with about 15 tables. 5 contain data with the same
> primary key, 2 have their own primary key but still a 1-to-1 mapping
> to the "main" primary key, and 8 are master lists that the other
> tables reference (site id, customer id, that sort of thing). I need
> the following screens:
> simple search based on a couple fields
> advanced search based on most available fields
> search results simple display, showing a reasonable set of fields
> search results advanced display, showing large or configurable set of
> fields
> simple display, showing most commonly desired fields
> advanced display, showing all data
> add new record simple, requesting most commonly entered fields
> add new record advanced, allowing all fields to be manipulated
> edit existing record simple
> edit existing record advanced
> editing for each of the 'master' tables
> All edit/add screens need pulldowns for master lists allowing one to
> be selected, search screens need pulldowns allowing multiple to be
> selected. The user should not be burdened by the underlying layout of
> thed tabase.
> I want something to do most of the grunt work of:
> all the CGI stuff, of course
> authentication and maintaining the session
> building the forms. ugly is ok as long as it's usable. optional
> templating would be nice.
> working with the database
> After everything is done modifying the interface to accomidate a new
> table or new column in an existing table should be trivial.
> I appreciate any advice about the most efficient way to develop such
> systems.