updating a programs code prior to running

From: steve (me_at_me.com)
Date: 05/29/04

Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 17:23:23 +0800


I have a program that started life as a simple application, I then added the
ability for version checking.

on OSX it was simple:
1. version check
2. download code updates with an extension ".new
3. rename the old program files ".old"
4. rename ".new" to current program.

the interesting thing was that on OSX i could actually re-name the java .jar
files i was running from inside the java file.

but on windows It broke with " file in use"

(quite why & how OSX allows files in use to be renamed is another matter)

so i ended up writing a small loader class that did the downloading prior to
launching the "dynamic" app

the question is how do other people update the loader app, if it needs
modification, or do all java apps suffer from this problem.

I.E eclipse for example.