Re: performance problem when running java applications overnight

From: york (
Date: 10/18/04

Date: 18 Oct 2004 12:15:56 -0700

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> "york" <> wrote in message
> > The next morning I come in and find that each of the java applications
> > is very sluggish. This sluggishness continues for several minutes at
> > which times the applications begin responding more normally. All
> > other applications (firefox, thunderbird, Windows explorer, etc...)
> > run normally with no performance problems.
> The problem is simply that during the night, your applications were paged
> out and are paging back in as you use them.
> I have the exact same problem at home with Mozilla on my W2K box. I also
> have issue at work on my XP box.
> It always depends, but that's basically what's happening.
> Regards,
> Will Hartung
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Will (and everybody else), thanks for your responses.

I've set my pagefile size on Windows down to zero and the results are
promising. I haven't seen a single slowdown on any of my java apps
today, even when I've left them minimized for a really long time.
Tomorrow morning will be the real test.

The strange thing is, I've never noticed the slowdown on any other
applications. I guess they have smaller memory footprints so they are
not as much affected by paging to disk. It is bizarre to me though
that moving JBuilder back into active RAM would sometimes take over a
minute! Windows XP must have some really crappy paging algorithms!

So far my 1GB of memory seems more than ample to allow me do JBuilder
and other applications all at once even with the page file disabled.
The real test will be when I do some profiling using OptimizeIt!