Re: To minimize the java window tosystem tray

Percy wrote:
I am programming a application which is based on socket .

And i want that it starts at system startup and a method which can
minimize the java frame to system tray so that the client can't notice
it .

Or i want that it even can't be at system tray ,it should be hidden
process like the processes which we see in task manager's processes

It sounds like you want to write a daemon. For Linux-like platforms, you just need to write a script or two to start and stop your program, and put the script in the appropriate rc file directory. For Windows, you'll need to register your program as a Windows Service. JET claims to help with this:

And one more thing how i can make the process in a waythat it cant
be stopped ,like explorer.exe,and if someone end it the system also
gets shutdown.

That's not how explorer works. A redundant process (or possibly part of the kernel) polls the Windows shell (explorer.exe) periodically, and if the process doesn't respond, it gets restarted. This doesn't seem to work particularly well on my own XP boxes.

Intentionally bringing down the whole system when your program crashes sounds like a spectacularly bad idea. Like Darwin Award bad. Would you please post a quick description of why you want this? My curiosity is piqued.