Re: Updating new e-books!!

Yo Lasse,

just wanted to say, I agree with you on everything. The muddling
together of two so obviously distinct concepts has always appalled me.

As a sidenote, I would love to see the possibility emerge for me to
pay/give/donate to a copyright owner the amount of money that _I_ am
willing to pay for a work that I will pirate anyway. But this probably
will never happen (well, never say never) because that would be for
the owner to admit that pirating has some legitimate existance (and by
that I don't mean lawful, but that it serves some purpose).

If I had never pirated Borland Pascal, I would never have become a
pascal programmer, and would also not have bought a copy of Borland
Delphi (which I did, even though I already had a pirated copy).