Re: java and OS

Mr. X. wrote:
I just want to get a refference to a kind of a table, that describe populations of software and platform (Intel based or Mac based), please.

What type of reference groups would you like to learn about? Usage on supercomputers, servers, business computers, or home computers? In the last two categories, the dominant OS is Windows XP, followed by Windows Vista, with a combined Windows total of somewhere in the mid-to-upper 90s. Mac comes in second, followed by *nix computers. [*]

The first category is dominated by *nix computers in either the upper 80s or the low 90s, while the second category is the one I know the least about. I believe, however, that Windows (all combined) is not a majority of these computers.

[*] By *nix I refer to pretty much anything not Windows or Mac. Predominant versions are Linux (itself a broad category) and Solaris. The most common thread connection *nix is that they are POSIX-compliant.

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