Re: Binding selected elements of a JList to a JTable

NeoGeoSNK wrote:
On Mar 2, 7:50 pm, loris_p <loris.pozzo...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi, I have a JTable bound to a List of Movements. Every movement has a
List of Users. I need a JList with selected elements bound to the
users contained in the List of the selected movement. I'm using
Netbeans 6.01. If I use the binding menu and bind selected elements to
${selectedElement.users} of the table it doesn't work. Any idea?

I have no idea, may be you can find the answer from the group

clj.programmer isn't that far off, and the readership is basically the same, so encouraging the OP to multi-post probably isn't a good idea.

The use of '${selectedElement.users}' gives me pause - isn't that JSP EL?

Anyway, absent any code examples let's assume that 'selectedElement' is the name of the primary JList. JLists do not have an attribute called 'users', so there's no way for such an expression to be meaningful.

I think you have to actually create a backing ListModel (or equivalent) from the selected items, and assign it as the model for the subsidiary JList.

Also, you really need to read and learn