Re: Who uses Java?

On Sun, 09 Mar 2008 15:54:39 -0700, Jon Harrop <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So where is Java used in industry?

Just a warning to would-be respondents to this post:

My impression of Harrop is one of a religious follower of the F# language and borderline troll. Any regular in this newsgroup already knows the widespread use of Java, and it's my opinion, based on observation of Harrop's behavior in the C# newsgroup, that he's not genuinely interested in any true answer to his question. Instead, this will likely devolve into some attempt to indict Java as not being appropriate or useful, proposing F# as the "right" language.

I recommend spending at least a little time with Google Groups reviewing his past posts before you jump in to answer his question here. If after that, you still feel he's got a serious, worthwhile question, by all means reply in kind.


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