Re: Who uses Java?

Jon Harrop wrote:
I have heard many times before that Java is the world's most common
programming language. I checked this out and it certainly seems to be true:
there are a huge number of Java programmers out there. However, I have no
idea what exactly they build with Java. The only software I have ever used
that is written in Java is (to the best of my knowledge) OpenOffice, Tribal
Trouble and Eclipse. And I only used Eclipse to develop Java code...

I have one friend who is a bioinformatician and uses Java exclusively. I met
another friend recently and he corroborated my view, saying that he didn't
know anyone who used Java and had never come across an employer who wanted
a Java programmer (he is currently looking at jobs in quantitative finance
but his recent background is in web analytics).

So where is Java used in industry?

search on Java and start reading !