Re: Who uses Java?

"Peter Duniho" <NpOeStPeAdM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Sun, 09 Mar 2008 15:54:39 -0700, Jon Harrop <usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

So where is Java used in industry?

Just a warning to would-be respondents to this post:

My impression of Harrop is one of a religious follower of the F# language
and borderline troll. Any regular in this newsgroup already knows the
widespread use of Java, and it's my opinion, based on observation of
Harrop's behavior in the C# newsgroup, that he's not genuinely interested
in any true answer to his question. Instead, this will likely devolve
into some attempt to indict Java as not being appropriate or useful,
proposing F# as the "right" language.

I recommend spending at least a little time with Google Groups reviewing
his past posts before you jump in to answer his question here. If after
that, you still feel he's got a serious, worthwhile question, by all means
reply in kind.

F#? Now that's a new one on me. We certainly have a plethora of ways to
program computers, eh? Having professionally developed in ASM, C, C++, Java
and C#, I must say Java is my personal favorite, but that's just me. I have
my reasons, but they might not be appropriate for all applications.

One language seems to become dominant every few years, but it really doesn't
matter what anyone says. It usually happens organically, and there isn't
anything anyone can do about it.