Re: Who uses Java?

Jon Harrop wrote:
Arne Vajhøj wrote:
I don't think so.

I would expect countries with many small companies to use a bit less
Java than countries with fewer big companies though.

I see. So Java is used predominantly in large companies for database work
and (guessing) intranet web services. Presumably that might be anything
from software to run vets practices to airline ticket reservation systems
and so forth?

Java is used for many things. But that type of business app is
a very common usage of Java.

Not just intranet - also internet.

The term "database work" is misleading in the sense that databases are
used for almost any persisting. Java, .NET, PHP, Python or whatever -
databases are usually involved in some way.

Desktop GUI apps are made (the keywords are: AWT, Swing and SWT), but
web GUI's are more used.

What are the relevant keywords for web GUIs?

Servlet, JSP, Struts, JSF, JSR168.