Re: After I try latest of Netbean and Eclipse I wonder if have Another beter IDE?

mttc wrote:
On 26 Mar, 18:24, Mark Space <marksp...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
mttc wrote:
I use with VS2005 of microsoft. I want to move to JAVA. bu I try
Eclipse and I disappointment. the IDE is crash from time totime and

That's odd, I've never had Eclipse crash when using recent versions. Perhaps you used some unstable plugins?

It's not campareable with VS.

In what way?

have you read these?

I try also Netbean. but I think that
JAVA worth for beter IDE.
So what is the best IDE (even commercial)?
NetBeans is the best that I have tried. What did you not like about it?

The Java world is different than MS. I don't think you'll find a Visual
Studio clone to ease your transition to Java. Best to pick one IDE that
seems good then try to learn it's features.

the VB on VS is perfect check syntax while wrriting and rpid coding by
formatting the text automaticly with hard indented. it's simple that
the coding is fasting then NetBean.

Eclipse too does
- syntax checking as you type.
- configurable automatic indentation as you type.
- completion of braces {} as you type.
- pops-up documentation as mouse hovers over class or method name.
- auto-completion of class/method/variable names (Ctrl+Space)
- auto-completion of method argument lists (ditto)
- source reformatting (Ctrl+Shift+F}
- auto generation of imports (Ctrl+Shift+O)
- generates method stubs when you override an abstract class or
implement an interface. (Ctrl+1);
- and lots more.

The re-factoring is pretty good too. It even spell-checks your comments as you type. Heck it compiles as you type.

I imagine Netbeans is equally nifty.

I see that you agree that NetBean is the best. So my wonder why all
guys talking about Eclipse?

Not everyone talks about Eclipse, it and Netbeans appear to me to be about equally popular, based on comments in this newsgroup. According to Google groups, in the last year Netbeans was mentioned 1030 times, Eclipse 1920. I don't think these figures are significant though.