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Mike Schilling wrote:
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On Sat, 03 Jan 2009 11:47:45 +0100, Roland de Ruiter
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someone who said :

Please use the proper sig block separator: "-- ", i.e. dash dash
space (followed by a new line).
Given that so many editors and other software trim trailing blanks,
and you can proof read a trailing blank, that was not a very bright
choice. It is a standard guaranteed to be ignored.
Agreed. I'd love to know the history of the sigdashes - the trailing
space seems like an incredibly bizarre requirement.

It has the advantage of being unlikely to appear by accident.

As Joshua Cranmer mentioned:
The reason for the trailing blank, I believe, was to make it harder to accidentally type in.

I can believe that's the reason, but it's a really poor reason. There are any number of character sequences of which this is true, and very many of them are more robust than dash-dash-space. How about dash-dash-colon? Or dash-space-dash? Trailing spaces are the kind of thing which get added and removed at random, and so make a very poor feature of a string which you want to (a) be faithfully carried through the mail and news systems and (b) not appear spontaneously.

Isn't there a language which uses a double dash as a one-line comment delimiter? Some dialect of SQL?

And it's been an RFC for quite some time.

I'm not denying it. I want to know how it got that way!


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