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On Sun, 4 Oct 2009 02:43:26 -0700 (PDT), Ross <rossclement@xxxxxxxxx>
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Does anyone have any opinions on the best colourisation scheme for
Java syntax?

I am biased. since I wrote, it, but I use JDisplay.

The advantages:

1. You can render three different ways:
Applet, inline, or iframe.

2. uses CSS

3. works on snippets with syntax errors.

4. does some cleverer things than usual e.g. bold where a symbol is
defined, variable size matching () {}, grouping numerics in 3s or 4s
with subtle colour differences,

5. has parsers for HTML, SQL etc, not just Java.

6. it has been extended by a third party to colourise code snippets
in Javadoc.

7. For large listings, with Applet rendering, it is more efficient
than HTML since it transmits a compressed binary token stream.

The disadvantages:

1. complicated.

2. non-military use licence.
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