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Roedy is
at least as old a hand here as you are

Why is there a topic rule? To make it easier to find things. It is
not there because certain topics are verboten. When there are no new
threads for days at a time, the off-topic rules SHOULD be relaxed to
stimulate discussion.

When traffic falls below a certain volume, a newsgroup dies entirely.

Our newsgroup is in far more danger from low traffic and bullies
frightening others off than it is from topic drift and slightly off
topic posts.

Did you ever see the movie Dr. Strangelove? In it a US soldier refuses
to shoot a Coke machine to get a dime to phone in the recall codes for
nuclear bombers.

Spam is far more of a problem that off topic posts, yet there is
almost no discussion about how we could eliminate it.
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I advocate that super programmers who can juggle vastly more complex balls than average guys can, should be banned, by management, from dragging the average crowd into system complexity zones where the whole team will start to drown.
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