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Dave Searles wrote:
Arved Sandstrom wrote:
Dave Searles wrote:
Dagon wrote:
Right. Want ads are nearly unusable. So?

So, my point is, with this economy my job could easily go poof next week, and if want ads remain unusable, I won't be able to get another one, at least not quickly enough that the loss of income won't start to cause problematic consequences first.

A developer has bigger problems in their job search strategy if they are relying on want ads in the first place. That includes employment websites.

Excuse me? Is that some sort of a personal attack being implied there?
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No. I've simply noticed that you're talking about the deficiencies of IT job ads. And while most of them do leave a lot to be desired, I felt that it's worth pointing out that if a developer - *any* developer - relies on job ads, that their job search strategy is in trouble. Which is true.