Re: [OT] Re: Java Program to control Microsoft Word as slave

Jukka Lahtinen wrote:
Lew <noone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

It's one of those Word mysteries, like why it asks you if you want to save
your "changes" to a document that you have not changed, which Word does to
me more often than not.

It seems to ask it every time after you have printed the document.
There may be other actions that always make word to believe it should save
something, but printing is at least one of them.

I've always believed that MS Word stored the printer name in the document - perhaps so that it can bring that up as a default next time.
Obviously I haven't bothered to test this hypothesis. It is a feature of MS Word I find annoying.

If I remember correctly, part of MS's OOXML spec (which was already at least an order of magnitude larger than ODF) explicitly said that behaviour under some circumstances was something like "do whatever Word-97 did" - without any definition of what that was. That suggests to me that MS don't know what their older code does sufficiently well to write a specification for a document storage representation. It would therefore be unsurprising to me that different versions of MS Word paginate differently, perhaps in ways that are difficult to predict.

I find managing pagination in MS Word (and in OpenOffice) to be a bit like wrestling a squid. I suspect that the few who deeply care about the aesthetics of the final outcome use LaTeX or something :-)