Re: documentation versus contract

On 06-06-2010 08:49, Stefan Ram wrote:
What do you deem to be the difference between the documentation
and the contract of an interface?

Sure, sometimes the documentation is written in English and
the contract in math, so:

documentation: Please note that counter() always is positiv.

contract: counter()> 0.

But this distinction, based on the language, is superficially.

If we strip the documentation of an interface from all
superfluous comments and verbose tutorial-style
introductions, and include everything that should be
documented, what we get is the contract of this interface?

Java does not support true contracts in the language itself.

So we have to rely on a description in English.

English is good enough for most practical purposes.

Do you need something more formal, then there are
other languages that supplies that (typical a language
describing the requirements and some subset of Ada
for implementation).