Re: pattern question ?

Lew wrote:
Your site makes interfaces sound so weak and useless, and provides some
misinformation regarding them.

Roedy Green <see_webs...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When you overstate your case, and turn it into a personal attack, you
set a barrier to having your ideas entertained and acted on.

Good thing I didn't do that, then.

You want me to prostrate myself and say I have sinned and an utter


idiot, unworthy to fetch you coffee,  not just correct the entry.

How do you ocnclude that?

Being a human, I will try very hard to find ways of avoiding doing

Interesting. My post was entirely about the content of your site,
which contains some false and misleading information. There weren't
even any personal *remarks* in that post, much less an "attack". The
objective fact is that you provide some incorrect information and an
arguable conclusion is that you fail to properly represent the power
and optimal use of interfaces on your web site.

Every bit of information and comment in my post about your
representation of interfaces is useful to you if you have a commitment
to providing correct, helpful information. But you respond with ad
hominem remarks, fanciful analogy and an ivitation to "get stuffed".

As I said, interesting.

In any event, set aside your obvious personal animosity and review
what you wrote, especially in light of the literature on best-practice
use of interfaces in Java (see that chapter in /Effective Java/, for
example), and think objectively if perhaps you might have misled
people somewhat there. What does it matter if I am odious and right,
if I am right?

(With apologies to Sophocles)



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