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On 14-08-2010 16:39, Roedy Green wrote:
On Fri, 13 Aug 2010 17:11:56 -0700, Daniel Pitts
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I love this feature :-) One thing I'd like to point out, and its a
minor point for many people, but it *suggests* imports for you.


The other nice things my IDE, IntelliJ does is:

1. sort the imports.

2. collapse individual class imports to package.* imports if there are
more than N classes where N is configurable.

3. remove unused imports. I have to be careful with this. I must
never tidy imports unless I have a clean compile or it can think
imports are not used. If there any many duplicates e.g. List, it can
take time putting them back again.

The one thing I would like it to do is handle all the changes if I do
a static import, perhaps working from a list of items I usually like
to handle statically, like System.out and System.err.

#1 and #3 are standard IDE features today.

#2 is an absolutely horrible idea.