Re: How to implement simple DB persistence

tnorgd wrote:
I have a bunch of classes (say, 5-10) that I would like to serialize
into an SQL database. I decided to implement this on my own, because:
- I need to keep control over the data; not all the fields from a
class need to go into DB
- the DB storage format must be easy for humans who are browsing the
DB; there are also scripts in R for data analysis that will read from
the DB
- Stuff like Hibernate is a too heavy gun for it;

My original idea was to add a constructor initialized with SQL
connection, or a pair of static methods for reading from / writing to
a DB into each of my classes. I also plan to use an existing package
to facilitate SQL query building.

In general, I have three goals:
- write my own code that:
- will store the data in the format I need,
- spending as short time on it as necessary

Can you share some advices or some parts of working code for some

Do not reinvent the wheel. While the DB binary formats are not "human-readable", on account of they're optimized for computer use (e.g., CRUD), the existing lightweight databases are robust, largely standards compliant and quite easy to use. Go with Derby (a.k.a. Java DB) - you have it already and it'll save you time, energy and bugs.