Re: Stupid eclipse/android question

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Please don't tell me you pressed the red button.
The one that said "Do Not Press"?

You acknowledge that Licensed Software is not designed
or intended for use in the design, construction,
operation or maintenance of any nuclear facility.

Back to Basic for my home nuke then.

Seriously, you're citing the Java 1.4 license? Who uses Java 1.4?

Java 6 has the same restriction if you use Oracle's version.

The question is harder to answer for OpenJDK. The Sun binary license
for OpenJDK has the no-nukes clause but the GPL does not. The binary
license does not mention Oracle.

I don't think they can have the clause for OpenJDK.

From the definition of open source:

"The license must not restrict anyone from making use of the program in
a specific field of endeavor."

I think that makes an exclude for nuclear-power-plants incompatible.

But Oracle's license does not prohibit use in nuclear power plants, it just warns you that the software is not designed for such a use (i.e. if you do use it and it fails, Oracle is not accountable).