Re: Source code representation

On 11/1/2011 12:41 PM, Daniel Pitts wrote:
I've often thought about a "new" way of representing code, where the
logical structure is stored in not-necessarily-human-editable format,
but the tools for managing the code allow it to be presented in a format
chosen by the particular maintainer.

In other words, you have the language constructs (classes, methods,
fields, statements, aspects, loops, etc...) modeled, and then have view
in front of that model which make them "look" like something that can be
manipulated easily by the programmer.

I would imagine such a system has a bit of ramp-up time, but it would
eventually allow you to be much more productive. The "concrete" manor
that the object model stores things would allow you to refactor very

According to various rumors then VS 2012 will allow
the developers to view a given piece of code as C# or
VB.NET as a choice.