Re: Java classpath question and how to run a program from command line?

On 11/28/2011 10:50 PM, www wrote:

Sorry. I am confused about how to run a Java class from command line(I
can run it from Eclipse). I use Cygwin on Windows 7.
This Java source file is /cygdrive/d/project/src/A/B/C/
The class file(MainWindow.class) is located at /cygdrive/d/project/bin/
A/BC/MainWindow.class (compiled by Eclipse) package is:

package A.B.C;

The following JAR files are also needed to run the program: /cygdrive/

In Cygwin command window, "echo $CLASSPATH" does not show anything, so
CLASSPATH has not been set.

Now in Cygwin command window, I am at /cygdrive/d/project/bin, I typed
the command below, but it didn't work:

java -classpath /cygdrive/d/project/libs;. A.B.C.MainWindow

Can you help me on how to run it from the command line?

Can you show the error?

I also tried to set up CLASSPATH in .bashrc file beforehand:
export CLASSPATH=/cygdrive/d/project/libs/;/cygdrive/d/project/bin
I am confused: should I separate them by ";" or ":" ?
I tried both ways, none of them is working: ". .bashrc" command
complains or no complains, but MainWindow still cannot be run.

If you are starting a Windows JVM chances are that you need to pass Windows paths since /cygdrive cannot be resolved in Windows land. See utility "cygpath".