Java DB rotation

I have a Java server controller that read/write to Database table

Java server will start read / write to a new DB table every
table-1-23-2012 ... etc

I think of 2 ways to do the DB table rotation

1) check the server timestamp, if today's date is week of 1-23-2012,
then read/write to table-1-23-


2) have a unix corn job run every monday to generate a text file on
Java server with DB table named on

that date - on each Java request, check the text file's table name -
then read/write to that DB table

any other solution to DB table rotation?

the first way check timestamp have a drawback when server's time is
not set to correct time, since

there are many Java server running for load balance, it's not a good

the second way is a better solution, but request additional setup -
cron job