Re: Need a new IDE

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> On Fri, 08 Apr 2005 02:11:22 +0100, Son KwonNam <ihate@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> I am a newbie, who up until recently was using realj to write my java
> >> code. [...]
> >> Also does anyone have any recommendations for a free IDE that might be
> >> a little better than realj? I've played around with jbuilder and
> >> netbeans and found them to be too "robust" for my limited knowledge of
> >> the language. I am looking for something a little more basic.

> BlueJ ( is supposed to be very good for learning
> Java - haven't tried it myself though.

I had a look at it and then recommended it to a friend of mine starting to learn Java (and programming).
+ Does it's job nicely.
+ Is not overly complicated.

you may want to try "Jeliot 3 " from the extension page.
This shows you what goes on in your program in a graphical way.
(BlueJ itself also contains a debugger)

I use it myself, whenever Eclipse seems overkill for a short try at something.




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